10 questions with the lovely Misi!

Yemisi Fajimolu

I remember when i used to be obsessed with the Beat FM...don't get me wrong i still love them..but my schedule really makes it hard to get near a radio but once in a while i tune in and all. One of my favorite shows was Liquid Lounge. It still exists but at the time twas hosted by Misi real name Yemisi Fajimolu. She also had this skit that a lot of us knew the words to (just to remind you: "i will follow youuu...follow you wherever you may go...the beeaaaaaatttt" ) lol. Misi left the Beat to other things including being one of the hosts on the just concluded Nigerian Idol. 

So it was only necessary that we got talking with her. lol  :)

FB: How did it all begin?
Yemisi: My lawyer said to me once that I should try radio,cause I have quite the voice for it ~ I wasn't doing anything so I went in for a voice audition and the rest as they say is history.

FB: You are no longer with The Beat…is this goodbye to radio for good and which do you prefer radio or television?
Yemisi: Most definitely not, I love radio and can't wait to get back on air. At this period of time I'm weighing out my options as to see which direction i would prefer to go in! TV I absolutely love and for now I would say that i enjoy them both equally but TV a little bit more cause its new to me.

FB: In your twitter bio..we see “Actress & Model (Watch this
space ; )”…anything you’d like to share? :D
Yemisi: Well that's just it, I need you to watch this space, I never set myself any limits so absolutely anything could happen. And right now I'm all about fulfilling my dreams and for me this is only the beginning!!!

FB: How would you compare working on Nigerian Idol and being an on air personality?
Yemisi: They are in two totally different areas, on air i get
to talk to people and discuss many different issues, whereas Nigerian Idol is all about the competition and who makes it to the top ~ well maybe they are a slight bit similar as i get to support people on their journey ~ wherever it may lead to.

FB: What are the pros and cons of being in the spotlight and do you enjoy your celebrity status?
Yemisi: Well so far so good as far as I can tell, I haven't
discovered any cons yet ~ but trust me as soon as I do, you'll definitely be the first to know.

FB:  And the parties! Bet you get invited to loads…do you indulge?
Yemisi: I like to indulge in only the most fabulous ones, so no I'm not everywhere all the time - these things must be done very carefully

FB:  Well said! Now..If you were given a chance, would you enter Big Brother?
Yemisi: I actually thought about entering for big brother, but then i thought to myself do i really want to be watched 24/7, it would be interesting I'm sure but not now i don't think.

FB: Describe your style
Yemisi: My style really does depend on my mood, I'm about being
fierce at all periods of time whether it be a dress or a pantsuit. Its
always an excuse to get dressed up really, I'm just a very girly girl
with the tomboy letting loose once in a while.

FB: When you aren’t working what else can we find you doing?
Yemisi: On the Internet catching up on my Gossip Girl or my
Perez Hilton or just hanging out with my gorgeous friends catching up
on everything.

FB: And finally; what can you tell me about radio/TV that would make me want
to become a radio/TV personality at all cost?
Yemisi: Radio and TV give you a platform, in all things being
equal it allows for your voice to be heard and all in all utilize your
position for the greater good in speaking for others who cant. And of
course you get to meet the most fabulous people ever!

And there you have it! 
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  1. i rili lykd her on 9ja idol. dint even no she also worked in beat 99.9. thumbs up

  2. love the pic with the red blazer!!

  3. Hmmmm the radio personality wears prada... I mean she's gud looking and judging from her pics, she definitely puts the swag in style... Any ways bcus of her, I noticed both words start wif an 'S'... Infact most gud words start wit 'S'... Sexy ryt?

  4. she looks really classy. i like