Talking football with Lanre Vigo!

For our feature this week, we are talking to someone passionate about football and working hard to live his dream; Lanre Vigo. Juggling academics and sports can be challenging especially when the aim is to excel in both but we trust he can make this work. In a few years when his name is all over...remember...we told you first! :)

FB:  How did it all start?
Lanre Vigo: Wow, erm... I think I started playing football when I was 9 or 10, can't really remember, I was asked to play for my house in primary school, I was told I played well for my house, I don't think I did but anyways, I got invited to play for the school team and since then I have been playing football.

FB: What school and what position do you play?
Lanre Vigo: Saint Saviours Primary Ebute-Metta. I play mid field, left or on the right.
(School for the cool kids B) ).

FB: You play for Northampton Spencer FC... did you get scouted or what and when?
Lanre Vigo: I was recommended to them by a friend of mine who runs a football academy; I signed for Northampton Spencer in February this year.

FB: So the time between when you joined Northampton Spencer FC and playing for St Saviors’ football team were u playing football?
Lanre Vigo: I played for a team in the National Stadium, Surulere, I can't remember the name of the team because it was a long time ago, all I remember about the team is the coach’s name, Coach Obi, I also played for my school team in Whitesands and in Malvern College for the 1st team.

FB: What about the game do you love the most?
Lanre Vigo: Everything about it, I can't pick one thing, I like that it brings people together, the amount of friends I have made because of football it’s crazy, I like winning trophies, it’s one of the best feelings in the world winning a trophy.

FB: Do you plan on building a career out of it?
Lanre Vigo: Yes definitely, that's what I’m working towards, I could have started sometime ago, I was invited to train with Nigeria under-17 but because of school I couldn't make, I have trained with a professional club Villarreal, been to trials with pro clubs but because of school I couldn't follow up.
And you know how Nigerian parents are, they tell you, you have to finish your education before you can do anything else, hopefully by next year I will be full time pro.

FB: Any regrets so far?
Lanre Vigo: Yeah, even though I don't really see them as regrets, 1 is I should have gone to the Nigeria u-17 training, only God knows what that would have done for me apart from that don't think there’s anything else. Advice to upcoming footballers, don't party a few days before trials.

FB: Lol…Besides football what else do you get up to?
Lanre Vigo: I love partying, hanging out with friends, I organize shows (ace of spades, echo 1 and 2) I organize parties, allure 1 and allure 2 and so many other parties, I love playing game(FIFA, call of duty, football manager..To name a few)


FB: And girls? ;)
Lanre Vigo: Ha-ha yeah there’s a girl.

FB: Nice…so what's the future for Lanre what do you study?
Lanre Vigo: Well, just to keep working hard at football practice, hopefully in 3years time I will be at the top of my game, I study business n IT at the University of Northampton.


FB: what's your dream team that you’d love to play for?
Lanre Vigo: Manchester united, even if it’s for 5mins I would be the happiest person in the world!

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  1. whoa! #pause Lanre Vigo is now a footballer? cool!!

  2. nice one dude

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  4. Vigo like virgo? Well height doesn't matter... If Messi can dribble the field with his short legs, I expect nofin less from a black dude... O! O! Do we still get to play ball in heaven or wuld we jst be sitting down in our white garment praising and singing while watching old matches?...hmmm *sigh*