Watch of the week: Third World Profashional...Daks!

Adaku Ufere
This week's watch of the week is Adaku Abimbola Ufere, a lawyer and currently a Post-Graduate student at the University of Aberdeen studying for a Masters in Oil & Gas Law. She's got a blog called ThirdWorldProfashional which initially started as a minor hobby but over the past 3 years has taken up a life of its own and gets on average 12,000 hits a month and its read in over 20 countries. Its not strictly a fashion blog but is what she'll like to call 'fashion/personal lifestyle' since she not only does outfit posts but chronicles her activities too.

"I'm known for being a big supporter of Nigerian designers and a few I own are Meena, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Babushka, Phunk Afrique, Lanre Da Silva and Odion Mimonet. I've also had a really great response from the fashion cognoscenti and I've been featured in OneNigerianBoy, FashionBombDaily, Sistaz-Mag, Bella Naija and Alex Folzi."

So we got talking with her :)

FB: So how would you define your style?
Daks: My personal style is very glamorous mixed with trendy pieces. I'm not partial to androgynous, casual or bohemian type looks at all. I'm also a firm believer in wearing what you like without fear of criticism, as long as it makes you happy, wear it. Your style reflects your inner self; it’s like wearing your thoughts on your body so you have to make sure it represents properly

FB:  If you could pick three fashion must haves that every woman should own, what would they be? And what items do you posses that you could absolutely not live without?
Daks: Fashion must haves: A pair of black platform pumps, a pair of oversized sunglasses and a good black dress that can be dressed up or down.
Things I can't live without: Vaseline (weird but I take it everywhere I go), I'd be lost without my blackberry and my camera. My leopard print ballet pumps, over the years I've probably bought 4 different pairs and oversized sunglasses, an absolute necessity, they keep the world out.

FB:  Apart from the hobby aspect of blogging is there any other reason why you got into it and who are the must follows of the blogging world as far as you are concerned.
Daks: I started TWP when I moved to a different city to attend Law School and I wanted to keep my friends updated on what I got up to there. It initially had nothing to do with fashion; the name was there just because I liked the way it sounded. It just grew way past me, people loved it. I'd meet random people in different countries who read it regularly and just the fact that people are so interested in what I have to say or influenced by the way I look is positively mind-blowing.  Must follows, definitely Bella Naija, TheYBF & Necole Bitchie (I love my gossip sites), Refinery29, The Cut, One Nigerian Boy, The Blonde Salad, Stella's Addiction, Eat Pray Fashion, Karla's Closet, Snow Black........Way too many to mention

FB: Who are some of your fashion icons? And are there any special trends you are excited about for the summer?
Daks: Victoria Beckham, Jacqueline Kennedy, Anna Dello Russo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce Knowles, Audrey Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, Marisa Berenson.......all these people have different kinds of style but I don't like to pigeonhole myself. As long as it looks good, I'm appreciative and I'll wear it. For the summer, definitely the colour invasion, I've been really into that recently. The 70's look with the maxi dresses, jumpsuits, flares and highwaists. I think that decade best suits my body type so I've literally been dressing like a 70's baby for years and the new cropped top styles.

FB:  And finally...say you could label someone as 'perfect' who would that be and why?
Daks: Victoria Beckham; because she always looks perfect, hair done, amazing look. She goes from minimal to over-the-top seamlessly. She can pull off anything. She's the personification of fashion perfection.

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thats all bebes xxx


  1. love her style. especially the outfits with the scarves

  2. She looks good, but quite disappointing that she considers someone as shallow and as fake as Victoria Beckham her style icon. VB has more money than fashion sense, it's just like calling a rich thief a self made millionaire - no, it is undeserving.

  3. @anon 8:44 Victoria Beckham whether we like it or not is a modern day style icon. there are a lot of women out there that are probably even richer than her but will never be acknowledged in the fashion industry.

  4. Seriously?!?!?

  5. nice feature. She luks great

  6. @anon 2:31 Seriuosly what?
    love the whole turban look....