The Debut of Orange Culture by Adebayo Oke-Lawal!


       Recently, Adebayo Oke-Lawal was the talk of town as he hosted the Meet and Greet with Iamisigo and Orange Culture and debuted his very own line at XL Lounge. His work ranges from styling and designing to journalism and writing. He has worked with magazines like 234next’s Elan, FAB magazine, Y!naija and websites like 360nobs, styling alongside his partners: BUBAAI.
Celebrities like Mo’chedda, Makida Moka and Tiwa Savage constitute the network of some of the people he has worked with. He has also worked behind the scenes with designers such as Ugoma Adegoke of Zebra Living and Kiki Kamanu.
He acted as a revamp tool, designing for Onyx and Pearl in 2010. His designs under Onyx and Pearl have graced the runways of the 'Sahsay as you say' fashion show, 'Make a Difference' (MAD) show and in Calabar during the Christmas festival.
21 and doing big we had a chat with Bayo! :)
FB:      Why the digression from styling to designing and describe your collection?
Bayo: There's never been a digression, doing both and will continue to do both. Love ‘em both! Heartbreak is never the end but the beginning of something new, something better, BLACK,WHITE AND RED' love always heals''
So this is the first collection from my label, very sentimental collection, as each piece speaks of a period in my life (for example the story telling pieces, which have words written on them, the most VIVID definition of what I mean by each piece being something personal). The collection was inspired by different heartbreak stories, how it seems at first like black (life would never go on), white (a fresh start) and the red (the only actual healing is to love again), the collection was built to help those who feel like they would never love again, I wanted them to feel and to know that it could only get better from here. Thus why the ready to wear collection is called ''the heartbroken'', it is a very relatable collection as I sure everyone has been through something of the sort or knows someone who has. The pieces are simple, unique and well me! ;)

            FB:  What is the relationship with other designers showcased?
Bayo: Friends, they are all people with similar passions and well we all fall within the same age bracket which made it even easier for all of us to work together, plus we are all people who believe that unity in fashion is the only way we can move the industry forward, so we support each other and hope to all grow together

             FB:   What inspired you with Orange Culture? 
            Bayo: Orange Culture is more than a line; it’s a movement. A movement for men and  women who don’t allow clothes determine who they are. It was inspired by an article I wrote a while ago called orange boy, people who don't allow clothes define who they are but allow it accentuate who they are.


                                                         The Collections

                            Souza by Tolu De Souza


Diamonds and Dust by Amaka Ukegbu


                                           Fablane by Derin

                                              Orange Culture by Bayo Oke-Lawal

                                                                    iamISIGO by Bubu


                            Wana Sambo by Wana Sambo



 Backstage and Preparation

The people


  1. thanks dear

  2. wait to go! love seeing young people doing things with themselves and excelling at it!

  3. i dont see anything very amazing in orange culture>>> they look like average clothes i could tell my tailor to sew for me>

  4. boring!!! Bayo is better at styling people and not designing clothes for people to where>>> NEXT

  5. @id bayo is great at both... free the boy and allow him to do his thang

  6. It is funny how Adebayo Oke Lawal is talking about HEARTBREAK again.... We all know he is not over his last and only chick dumping him for a boy and when i say boy i mean a proper guy and not a bitch like him but apart from that AOL is a great designer, I am feeling his collection, more grease to your hustle my brother!
    But the other collection is not so good, apart from AOL and his wonderful designs, Wana also has mad ass things. Now that is a babe designing for Babes

  7. Hey wasnt this dude in FAB mag as their FAB man of style! (Y)

  8. im not sure how relevant anonymous 12:15's story is. people just like misyarning

  9. Lovely. To think he is only 21. Huge inspiration especially in a climate like Nigeria where you have to work extra extra hard to achieve anything good. Fantastic effort guys, well done!

  10. when i first saw the pics for the show 2 months ago i was ecstatic i mean orange culture's edgy yet sophisticated outfits are uh-mazing. iamISIGO's collection brings an edge to mod-simplicity and i love it so much! the duct tape and the newspapers-genius!!!! and wana sambo's quirky chic designs make me want to to faint in adoration!