A.N.Y.A Couture!

Tobenna Anyanwu

Founded in 2010, A.N.Y.A Couture is an up and coming international
label, that delivers a new and unique blend of western and African

A.N.Y.A Couture depicts African, Native, Yield, Attire and provides
cutting edge couture designs of African attire, we believe it's better

to stand out from the crowd and have your own distinctive style.

A.N.Y.A Couture in the native language of Igbo means 'an eye.' This
places emphasis on A.N.Y.A's purpose to stimulate “the eye for

Bringing the latest fashion updates, A.N.Y.A Couture offers unique and desirable clothing in a professional way. The designer undergoing a
BSc (Hons) International Fashion Marketing, seeks to share the passion
of fashion with you.

African prints have often been the domain of the older generation.
Indeed Tobenna’s Anyanwu inspiration was her mother’s vibrant traditional African attire. I am of Nigerian descent.

This line, however, is anything but old. It is refreshingly modern and
exudes youthfulness, fun and quirkiness. The clean lines and subtle colours are beautiful and a brilliant initiation for the tentative Ankara wearer. The inspiration may be African but the clientele need not be. Anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd can rest assured they will in A.N.Y.A couture.

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