Watch of the week: Omowunmi Wemi-Akinsola!

Omowunmi Wemi-Akinsola


We are still in search for that fashionable guy to be our first male watch of the week...until then; we'll keep talking to the ladies...suggestions are very welcome though! So for this week, we are taking a look at Omowunmi Wemi-Akinsola. If that name rings a bell, she's the youngest sister of Fioye and Oyeyemi Akinsola of Virgos Lounge. She also has a fashion blog called Daisy Mak where we see her day-to-day looks and stuff.  she was recently featured in Vogue Italia which is rather impressive if i must say. She goes to Thomas Adams in the UK and majors in Psychology, Sociology and English. And as always we had a chat with her :)

FB: So whats your take on style?
Omomwunmi: My take on style is being able to work with what you have to make it look good. You don't have to be rich to be stylish. Your style can define you without you having to utter a word because it shows your personality. I believe that anyone should wear whatever they want without caring about any other thing other than the fact that they like it.

FB: Cool!...What could you absolutely not live without?
Omowunmi: Um..there are a few things i will die without. Firstly, Iced Tea, the internet and sunglasses. I also just might die without eyeliner and sour skittles.

FB: Lol! Whats the most fashionable item you possess?
Omowunmi: That would be my clumsy black platform ankle boots.

FB:  (notice how similar the pose above is with Miroslava's below!) If you could steal someones wardrobe who would that be?
Omowunmi: I'd love Edie Sedgwick's closet. But if i cant get a hold of that, i get Miroslava Duma's closet will suffice.

Miroslava Duma
Edie Sedgwick

FB: Who would you play in a movie?
Omowunmi: If i was white, I'd love to play Edie Sedgwick, if it was black, I'd love to play Tina Turner!


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  1. who is this MAMA? and what style does she have, abeg make una park well jo... NEXT

  2. and you have style right? do you even know what having style is about?

  3. lovely blog babes

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  5. lol...she said "if i was black" - good! because woman you're not black, you're Nigerian! i like her style, creative.