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Sola Cash

For this week's fashion feature we are talking to Olusola Elegba popularly known as Sola Cash. He is the CEO of Jo Black Craze Ltd. He ventured into this Industry because of His Passion for Fashion. 
Jo Black Craze is a Clothing Line created in accordance to his own style.
Ranging from Polo shirts, Cashmere sweaters, Bespoke Blazers to Velvet shoes, the label exists to give you that look that says it all.
The theme of his designs is to explore Style and incorporate it with Attitude.
The designs are one of a kind and never seen before designs which gives the Label its uniqueness

So we had a chat with him and all :)

FB: How did it all begin?
SC: Jo Black Craze started off as a craft/fun thing which I dabbled into just for myself. I then started getting commended by loads of people and was more or less convinced that I could start my own Clothing Line. Being a Certified Project Manager I looked at the viability of such venture and realized it was something I could do so I took some time out on my drawing board (not a drawing board in particular, just a note pad lol) to draw up some designs, spoke to a couple of tailors and it all began.

FB: What have been your greatest moments so far...both good and bad?
SC: I think so far my best moment would be: I was at a Fashion Show for a Designer's collection launch party and there were a lot of fashion photographers from magazines and blogs and one of them commented on my outfit and asked to take my picture and when she asked for my name, I handed her my business card and she went "OMG! You are JoBlackCraze?!!". I'm used to people knowing me and commenting on my style & persona, but this moment just felt different. I have not had any bad moments per se but I think not being at the Arise Magazine Fashion Show for Lagos Fashion Week to usher my collection due important business would qualify for a bad moment.

The CEO with models

FB: Where do you draw inspiration from?
SC: I am my own inspiration. I have what I like to call "An overactive imagination" which could be a disadvantage in certain things but have proved to be an advantage for me as far as My designs are concerned. I have now made it possible to turn the disappointment of having an "Overactive Imagination" and turning it into an appointment.

FB: What makes JBC peculiar to other brands out there?
SC: I think mere looking at the designs would answer this question. The creativity is fresh and attractive, the type of designs that would make you take another look. Fashion is not just about making or designing clothes but also being able to do the unorthodox and I think JBC has been able to pull that off. 

FB: If you could style a public figure in a JBC attire to an important event...who would that be and where would he or she be headed?
SC: I would actually like to style a couple of people, answering this question made me realize that but I think i would go with Michelle Obama. She already looks amazing anytime she is caught on camera and I'm a 100 on positivity that she would definitely love herself more if I got the opportunity to style her and be it a formal or informal gathering JBC would definitely tailor to the requisites of the event. (Taylord)

FB: What should we watch out for from JBC in the nearest future?
SC: At the moment, We are running a JBC Campaign where our designs would be showcased in Major cities in 3 different continents. This, I believe you all should look out for because the collections to hit the runways are ... well time will tell.

FB: And finally; what would you consider as a fashion don't? 
 SC: A major fashion don't for me would be lack of coordination. It is very appalling to me when I see people dressed up and its obvious that they aren't able to put an outfit together. 

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  1. iLoveFashionBlogsTuesday, June 21, 2011

    I think there should be a biography of this Dude published. He amazes me everytime He does an interview. He is stuck between confident & cocky and I think it is very HOT!

  2. Lol @ cocky. Love the sweaters, the name is also creative as well!

  3. My future bf z gonna luk like d guy in d red sweater sitting. <3

  4. I so love this

  5. This is interesting seeing Jo Black Craze here. Wel the owner and company are a bunch of scam! My ex made orders last year October for the delivery of 4 pairs of shoes after which payment was made as specified. Up till date they haven't been delivered and he (Sola Elegba) has been going back and forth with how he would do it. And there's a court action currently against Jo Black concerning this. So people please be warned!!