Vivendi....Music and Fashion!

Vivendi is a fashion/music show on the 13th of August 2011 at Ember Creek, Ikoyi. Its a platform to promote upcoming talents in the fashion and music industry.

Here's who to expect!

Dammy Krane
Tola Smith
Mr Walz
Jegede Jackson

Violet Couture
Prima Rogue
Ejiro Amos Tafiri
Fablane by Derin
Taylor L'Oshey
Wana Sambo
Xolani Couture

We had a chat with the bossman Kolawole Lamikanra. :)

FB: What's with the name Vivendi and how was the concept brought about?
Kolawole: Vivendi is Latin for lifestyle and represents the fact that music and fashion are a way of life for most people.

FB: Any challenges faced so far?
Kolawole: There have been various challenges, but the most prominent is that of sponsorship and funds.

FB: What do you aim to get out of this project?
Kolawole: To showcase the talents of the Nigerian youth to the world.

FB: Do you feel upcoming talents both in the music and fashion industry have enough platforms to be successful?
Kolawole: No. You'll be suprised at the number of talented musicians and fashion designers in Nigeria, and the number of platforms they have to succeed. They need more shows like this to show what they have.

FB: And finally, what should we expect from Vivendi this year?
Kolawole: Vivendi is going to be fun definitely. Its an opportunity for youth to network and for the upcoming to show what they've got.

That's not one to miss good people!


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