We are loving Fabryan!

For this week's fashion feature we are talking to Samantha-Jane; lady behind Fabryan! She is a London based Nigerian designer with no formal training in fashion other than a love for all things fashion. She started her label FABRYAN in September 2010.
Her mother was a dress maker, so from an early age, she started sewing dresses for her dolls.

At the moment, She is currently working on her 3rd collection SS12, which is a haute couture range of dresses inspired by glamour and luxury with red carpet in mind.(Can't wait!)

So we had a chat with her :)

FB: Tell us! What made you take that bold step in creating Fabryan?
Samantha-Jane: I’ve always been an entrepreneur, but I wanted to mix this with doing something I loved and had a passion for. That's why I decided to start Fabryan.

FB: Where do you draw inspiration from?
Samantha-Jane: I am inspired by the beauty of the world. My new accessories range of scarfs (prints) was inspired by exotic flowers in Kew Gardens. 
Our SS12 collection, coming out in September is a range of couture dresses inspired by glamour and luxury with red carpet in mind. I am very excited about this collection

FB: What has been the highlight for you so far since Fabryan was launched?
Samantha-Jane: The best is yet to come but starting Fabryan is one of my proudest achievements. 

FB: Any challenges faced?
Samantha-Jane: Setting up a luxury brand requires allot of money as I do not compromise on anything Fabryan.

FB: And finally; what are your plans for your line?
Samantha-Jane: I hope that the brand is stronger with time, growing and evolving with each collection 

For more on Fabryan: www.fabryan.com