Imagination of GT!

For our feature, we are talking to Gbenga who's turned a hobby into a lot more. In his interview; he talks about inspirations, aspirations and bars in lekki!lol. Enjoy.

FB: Tell us a little about you. Why photography?

My name is Olugbenga George-Taylor, a 25year old graduate of computer information systems from Babcock University.  I am Fun loving, Generous and kind. Photography all started with my small Sony 12 mega pixels camera. Then I took so many great pictures and fell in love with the world behind the shutter and ever since then, its been a growing passion... Although I have to add that there was also a great boost of confidence which was gotten by watching and interacting with photographers such as Obi Somto, AWGZ and Demilade Roberts... I mean their works made me know that there is still a lot one can bring into a picture. With them its not just about the image, its the colour, poses and scenery.

FB: Would you consider it as a just hobby or a soon to be profession?

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. It only got more serious when I decided to buy my first professional camera. But to me, it will always remain a hobby because once I lose that passion then I become less of a photographer and just a guy with a camera.

FB: What defines a good picture?

I think what defines a good picture is the ability for the picture to make its audience see what you saw, feel what you felt. You know... Relevant detail, couched in concrete, colorful or black and white it is the best way you can recreate the incident as it happened that defines a good picture.

FB: What type of camera do you shoot with?
Presently I use The Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It delivers excellent video capabilities and image and video quality.

FB: Do you have a favourite photgraphy accessory apart from your camera?

Well If u consider the lens as a part of a camera and not the camera itself, I would definitely say that the various lenses available are my favourite photography accessories bt one lense in particular is the Canon EF 50mm Medium Telephoto Lens (f/1.4)

FB:  How important is photoshop in your final images?
To be honest I don't use photoshop... I have guys that do use it just incase a client might need it or something. For me, it is more of killing the picture before editing kills it for you.

FB: Do you plan on splurging on new equipment and if so; what?

Yeah! In photography the camera is just the beginning of the equipments used in photography. Without them, there can be no progression.. The more you have as equipments the better you can get out of quality. The next equipment for me would be lights.

FB: If you could be invisible for one day with your camera you would...

Lmao... Insane question but let me think a little. If I was invisible for one day with my camera, I would take a picture that would hold the leaders of nigeria ransom and then I'll make them better the country... Though I still wonder if I can have it all on just one shot.

FB: Where will we find you on a friday night?
'Abe igi' or Bukka... Basic Lekki bars that I can get a bottle of beer and a plate of Asun at decent prices.

FB: Can you share with us your most recent pictures.


  1. isegen osaz AminuMonday, July 23, 2012

    Wow.. Nice pictures, wonderful interview!!

  2. One of the funniest people I know. Love you as a person and even more as a photographer. Fascinating interview and great pictures!

  3. Lovely interview and wonderful pictures