Its Valentine's season again...*sigh*

So its that time of the year where: single girls get it rubbed in their faces that they are single (except those with options but don't want to commit), girls in relationships can't wait to see what treats await them, single boys elated that they don't have to run down all because of love and committed boys thinking of gifts that are pocket friendly but not too cheap so it doesn't get thrown in their faces. Apparently a babe told her friend to 'stylishly' hint her boyfriend that she wanted Blackberry Torch. The guy almost had a stroke. This is someone that was planning on ordering an ice-cream cake from Fifi's Oven for the babe. lol.
To date; I(Oyinda), have only been given a card!...and that was when i was 12!...not like i mind tho;  (p.s. the card was from a secret admirer).

Ronke Olatunde: (boasts of receiving a lot gifts but never having a boyfriend during that period. She keeps talking on and on but I'm not listening. Now she's saying we should be each others we are that pathetic! hiss!)

Kanyi Adams: Every vals day I wake up in the morning regretting the day.

Mayowa: My parents always ruin mine..especially my father! He always wants us to hang out at home.

Hannah: I've never gotten anything because the only one that got sent to my house was eaten by my mum and younger ones that's why this year its doing me 'gish-gish'(whatever that means).

@dj_aminaj: I've been vald twice. By a girl; although i consider that gay and by my father. The rest maybe just a kiss or text. So I've resorted to buying a cake every year and eating with my friends!

@Msleez1909: Last year was supposed to be the best...but he said and i quote; "you f**ked up so i gave it to my friend. *shrug*"

@Thowsyn: I'm always eating someone's cake, opening someone's gift...never my own. Maybe this year will be different. *crossed fingers*

@homohtohlah: I've always gotten vald every year since i was in Jss3...married...single....all classes of men. Some of the gifts my father will return. The fine ones he will Cake is compulsory. Its a very romantic day i look forward to.

Itoro: I've never gotten anything so its just like a normal stupid day. Nothing memorable at all!

labake oguntade: It was with my boyfriend at the time,it was so bad that he stole the chocolate,sandals(undersized) and belt from his cousin who he had a crush on. After wasting my time all day and making me get home late at night, with my family worried I ended up dashing my mum the sandals saying that i was shopping for sandals all day for her just to shut her up. p.s; i've never used the belt.

Fumnaya: I always get my gifts in monetary form. That way i get myself whatever i want. :o

@sm1hot: I was a tom-boy, never cared about it. Always laughed at the gifts i got. some times i even shared it with people.

@exschoolnerd: Er non existent...'cos i'm always single during the vals period. Last year was nice tho...spent the whole day with my girlfriends and ice-cream

@kikillet: i always get gifts on vals day since i started dating,like its always fun and i'm never disappointed,but this year might be a little different*rolling eyes*,not something bad tho...just that he's full of surprises.

Enchantress: I've never gotten any gift,the day just comes and goes. i  help people to eat and share the love, but I've never received ANY................maybe this year

So by our statistics 80% of women aren't necessarily fazed by valentine's we got a few male opinions to back up our thesis!

@thepervnerd: i've never taken val's day seriously..instead,i'll rather disturb couples hanging out..

@deddyboy: I'm always smiling to the bank.(not sure we understand what this means being that Ope is a

Anonymous: Lol...Bleh...for the past six years I've probably vald every year. Its mostly whoever I'm 'giving' (o_0) at that period but i love buying gifts so i spend on my woman. I don't believe in vals to be honest but i indulge in it! 

@Seyimanu: One sided. I spent all the money and got nothing in return. That's how its always been. I haven't vald in almost five years. Its a waste of time and money and highly over-rated.

@mrfafo: not the biggest fan of valentines tho, but there was this one time, there was an exchange of gifts and we stayed indoors. No lao lao stuff.

And there you have it! Our thesis has been supported! We over-rate February 14. Its supposed to be a day were we appreciate love, but not necessarily meaning in a materialistic way. Thats not to say you can't symbolize love with gifts 'cos in the end...when you give...we shall stretch forth our hands to collect :D

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  1. I've never been valed either. But my wish is simple-a really large teddy bear...