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Sally Bawa
The Sally Bawa vision is one that was conceived 10years ago on a cloudy dreamy day amidst the hubbub of the busy Lagos metropolis.The idea has evolved over time and morphed into what we know today as one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Nigeria.
The label offers beautifully crafted pieces from two distinct lines; the Ready to wear and Exclusive lines, and a service a that offers clients total participation in the design process. 
"...We make clothes by us, for you."
Sally Bawa has been nominated 2 consecutive years and honoured with the award of best up and coming designer 2009 at the Eloy awards, and emerged winner at the 1st Lagos fashion week, Black heritage festival fashion competition. Pieces have from the line have also been featured in notable magazines across Nigeria and seen on the runways of events such as Nigeria's next supermodel competition 2009, Ovation red carol 2009, Future awards 'Get your green on' fashion campaign and nomination dinner and Lagos fashion week 2010.

So we got in touch with the lovely Sally and had a chat. :)

FB: Why fashion?
Sally: I always knew it'd be fashion. I've always been quite intrigued by the process involved in dress making, and a little obsessed with perfection in fitting, this was a conviction that I was born to do this :)

FB: If you could define your brand Sally Bawa; how would you put it?
Sally: Chic and Classy with a blend of funk.

FB: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Sally: Patterns mostly. As an artist, you see patterns in almost everything. I also get inspired by the human form. Its amazing the things you can do draping fabric over a form
FB: Who are your style icons?
Jackie Onassis
Karl Lagerfield
Sally: Karl Lagerfield and Jackie Onassis

FB: Has running a business, especially in the fashion industry been worth your while?
Sally: Oh yes it has been worth every second and Kobo of the journey!

FB: what challenges you have faced; up and downs of the trade?
Sally: Most importantly, the biggest downside of any business in Nigeria is the lack of electricity. As a manufacturer, you practically run on diesel 24hrs a day. There's also the issue of sourcing fabric from the local market, we have very limited options.

FB: Looking back at your debut collection and your most recent one which is the Entrée collection; how would you say your line has evolved?
Pieces from the Debut Collection                                                         Pieces from the Entrée Collection
Sally: The 2011 Entrée collection shows excellent craftsmanship and finishing, and the pieces are more relaxed and stylish yet classy
FB: If you had to pick the most stylish woman and man in nigeria; who would they be?
 Sally: That would be Nike Oshinowo and Korede roberts of Fusion.

Nike Oshinowo

Korede Roberts

FB: The first thing the average Nigerian thinks when they see an exclusive brand like yours is -"Gosh! i hope its affordable!"..and also how to get the clothes. what's your response to that?
Sally: Actually, the average person get quite a shock after a visit to our studios because our pieces are amazingly affordable. That is one of the visions of the brand, to make ready made Nigerian clothing accessible and affordable.
                  Adejoke Aladepase                       Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde                                Shade Ladipo

FB: Where's your dream destination and why?
Sally: Cape Town. Its one of the most beautiful cities in the world

FB: Finally...heels or flats?
Sally: Flats for me anyday.

                                click this to visit the website: www.sallybawa.com

For us...this is the works! :) Visit the website to view more beautiful pieces by Sally Bawa.

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  1. Nigerian designers are really doing us proud. really talented designer. nice blog concept too.