Watch of the week: Cynthia Okpala

In our watch, we'll profile people..both male and female so they define their style to us as well as some other things we want to know about them.This will be every Friday. This week, we look at Cynthia Okpala, a 22 year old Law graduate from Houdegbe North American University, Benin. She's from Anambra state and she talks to us about her style and some other random things we asked

FB: So Cynthia..what goes through your mind when you are picking an outfit?
Cynthia: Hmmm...i think of looking outstanding that wherever i go i make an impression...impression in such a way that i wont be seen as being too detailed but glamorous, elegant and calm.

FB: How would you describe your style then?
Cynthia: My style...Its basically wearing what suits me, not to please others but to please myself no matter how it may turn out. it just depends on how i carry myself, 'cos the clothes don't wear me, i wear them.

FB: Whats the most fashionable item you posses?
 Cynthia: I don't think i have any fashionable item. i'm simple and down-to-earth...Everything is fashionable with the way i put it or nothing at all. so there's no particular one that is picked out.
FB: Now loadsa girls would not be caught dead without a weave on, can you rock your natural hair?
 Cynthia: Yep! i can rock my natural hair. I'll just style it to a way it will suit me.
FB: Cool! So what outfit do you consider as a no-no on a night out?
Cynthia: On a night out to have fun...well a flowing gown will be a no-no outfit!

FB: What can you absolutely not live without?
Cynthia: Can't live without food ofcourse!
FB: If you were stranded on an island who or what would you want with you?
Cynthia: What...Food...Who...My bestfriend.
FB: Which celeb would play your love interest in a movie? ;)
Cynthia: I'll pick Orlando Bloom 

FB: Last question...One naira guy or One million guy...does it matter?
Cynthia: No, it doesn't matter to me. If he has the love i'm looking for and there's trust, we could actually work hand in hand to get to even a billion!
Very down to earth she is. We like! :)

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