Vintage according to Alex Folzi!

 Words cannot describe how excited I was about doing this feature and now I present to you the Fagbure twins; Fola and Fela, CEO's and creators of Alex Folzi! Alex Folzi; world leaders in vintage, classy and elegant style was established January 2010 and was incorporated April 2010. Their style allow for the uniqueness of individuals who seek to express themselves through fashion. understand the true meaning of uniqueness and individualism in this brand. Making fashion a personal and unique experience for people who have passion for fashion. This is Alex Folzi's primary mission and goal. 

"We manufacture good quality and quantity but originality is the father of our brand...There is always greatness behind every Alex Folzi product. Alex Folzi, we are the best at what we do."

                             So we had a chat with them and they were quite nice! :)              

 FB: First of all, the name Alex Folzi.
What’s that about?
ALEX FOLZI: Alex is the short form of Fola’s English name “Alexander” and Folzi comes from Fola as well. That was the nickname given to him back in high school. People often ask why we decided to use one person’s name for the brand. But to us it doesn’t really matter. We decided to use Alex Folzi because Fola had the first idea to start the line. Alex Folzi is the official brand for vintage, classy and elegant wears. We set out to change the fashion industry with our premier briefcases and trunks, branded by our signature logo. We take great satisfaction in our signature briefcases ranging from different colors to styles that are available for both men/women. Alex Folzi is more than briefcases and trunks; we offer sleek accessories, stylish/trending apparels, and comfortable footwear.

Alex Folzi briefcases

FB: The briefcases are just divine! Where did the inspiration come from and what motivates you to do what you do?
ALEX FOLZI: Thanks a lot. The briefcase/trunk collection was inspired by the old Northern American/European couture. We remember watching an old movie, where we saw travelers using trunks to travel by train. Then we were like “Hey why don’t we design and make something like that because, it looks cool". It all from a New York trip after the Christmas holiday, after spending time with family and moving round the city we decide to start our own clothing line. We always had that passion for fashion and that business flare as well. We basically had designs already drawn on paper, so we decided to make them reality.

FB: Was starting up hard and have there
been any challenges so far, funding and all?
ALEX FOLZI: School has been pretty tough for us so far, trying to keep up with good grades and running a company at the same time is not as easy as we thought it would be but as time goes by we get batter at merging them together, it’s a gradual process for us. No doubt there are some days we feel like quitting or dropping it but what is success without hard work, struggle, or hard times? The point of a growing/starting up company is for it to be disastrous or stressful during the first 3 or 5 years. If everything were to go smooth everyone would become a multi millionaire by now but it's at the end we rip the fruit of the labor.

FB: Has it been easy getting your brand out there?
ALEX FOLZI: Well all we can say for now is that we have achieved our long time dream. Being so new to the business and running our own company with no investor was kind of like a goal to us. We think we have reached a good stage in terms of publicity and awareness, thanks to the power of social media. But we look for more success in the years to come.

FB: So how would you say business has been so far and what’s it like working with your twin? 
ALEX FOLZI: Well working with each other is a blessing from God and we love every moment of it. We have covered over 69-72 countries in terms of publicity and awareness of the brand. It’s been quite a year for the Alex Folzi team. In April, we will celebrate our 1st birthday, having seen Alex Folzi grow from a passion project created from our bedroom to a growing global brand of like-minded fashion brands. We are grateful for all of the support our community has shown us over the past 10 months, from the success of our briefcases and trunks collection and the success of our first Male Apparel collection to a growing number of our fans. We now have over 10,000 fans on Facebook, 2,000 Followers on our Twitter page, and growing follower base on our Tumblr page. We are honored and grateful that so many people take the time to engage and interact with us on a daily basis, in so many ways.

The international fashion community has also been paying attention to the power and reach of our community; we recently got invited to participate in Africa Fashion Week in New York City (July 14th – 16th). None of this would be possible without, the global community of executives, designers, editors, students, academics, and supporters who have made Alex Folzi take part in their fashion life and daily activity. 

FB: Good stuff! Another interesting thing is the fact that you both model…so which came first…modeling or designing?
ALEX FOLZI: The modeling came first. We always loved posing in front of the camera while growing up. So as time went on we perfected it. We did that till a friend was like “hey why don’t you just give it a try” (modeling) we then remembered we had this photographer who had already asked us to work with her. So we did a couple of shots posted it online and since then we have been getting one or two jobs. But we stopped the whole modeling gig as the Alex Folzi brand grew wider and stronger. We basically stopped it to concentrate more on the brand but we still don’t mind doing a shoot or two if it’s necessary lol. 

FB: What’s the future for Alex Folzi?
ALEX FOLZI: Our Company will more than ever remain steadfast to the tradition of the Northern American/European heritage and values. But over the long term, our international expansion efforts will offer us the most exciting and transformational growth opportunities. There is so much for us to achieve worldwide. The transition of our Southeast Asian business will mark a major stride forward, particularly as it relates to achieving our long-term goal by having approximately one-third of our revenues come from the Asia-Pacific region. The market growth dynamics are very compelling and among the strongest in the world. We believe the potential for our brands selling in China, given the growing appetite for global vintage brands among Chinese consumers, is tremendous. Just as our revenues will be increasingly generated in international markets, we will allocate our capital and managerial resources accordingly. We have always believed that stores are the most important link to our customers. They will be the home to everything we create. Our dedication to finding the most outstanding locations and customizing them with the right product/apparels to fit the culture of our brand is just the right way to grow. There are so many exciting things coming up for the company, but due to sequential reasons we can only disclose as much as we have said above lol.

FB: when you’re not working what else can we find you doing?
ALEX FOLZI: Well working out, watching movies, reading books, partying, hanging with friends and chilling with the boys. There is nothing more fun and relaxing than having a guy’s night with packs of beer lol.

FB: If you could meet one person; dead or alive; who would that be?
ALEX FOLZI: The question says one person, but we don’t mind having lunch with Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Queen of England, Mark Zuckerberg, Obama and Wole Soyinka.
FB: Wow! Doubt I’d be able to eat with all those people Finally…What wouldn’t you be caught dead in?
ALEX FOLZI: Bootcut pants! It was cool 6 years ago but now it’s a No No!
                                                A few pictures to gaze at!

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