The brand...iamISIGO

Gbubemi Ogisi

Our fashion feature for this week is iamISIGO! The founder of this exquisite clothing line is Miss Gbubemi Ogisi. She established the line in February 2009 starting it as a small independent company in Ghana and Nigeria; with concepts based on her eccentric sense of style and her unique ability to mix various trends. The clothing line seeks to create a striking awareness of how African culture can be fused with western designs to create lovely pieces.

iamISIGO's clothing are made to perfection(which we feel is an understatement!), ensuring that the customers are given optimum quality at their finger tips at affordable prices. Forecasting future sales the clothing line seeks to grow at an enormous rate. She also deals in customized clothing ensuring that our customers are given the opportunity and secrecy of never been seen designs. Another prominent strength of this clothing line is that majority of the clothing are hand crafted and the materials and accessories used are of extreme quality.

The first collection "Cold summer" was released in summer 2009, the second collection "proFASHIONAL" was inspired by high shoulders and vintage outfits and the third collection "Hot winter" was released in October 2010.

iamISIGO’s new spring/summer collection is called Le Poseur out in February 2011.

Since October 2010 iamISIGO debuted its t-shirt and polo line called the Charlatans by iamISIGO.

Freddie, Frankie & Sammy

Sandy,Amy & Dolly
 The characters are:
Frankie is the cool guy everyone loves him
Freddie is the simple nice guy
Sammie is the punk rock "go getta"
Amy is the cute girl who believe she's a princess
Dolly is a cross between a diva and a gives of an attitude
Sandy is the no holds girl she gets what she wants when she wants

The twins pierre and peter are black and white the irony because pierre is       peter in english
So we had a chat with Bubu! :) 
FB: How do u describe d 1st n 2nd line
 iamISIGO: well the first collection is called iamISIGO. Basically the iamISIGO line is a cross between vintage and futuristic outfits. The second line is called the charlatans by iamISIGO which is an urban apparel line that focuses on the street art and culture. the charlatans by iamISIGO was inspired by the name charlatan which means swindler or someone who practices in the art of quackery.

FB: So what was the inspiration for your new line?
 iamISIGO: I was inspired by the name because we all have a bit of pretence in each of us, the only way to admit is that, so that what made the line called Chartalans by iamISIGO.

FB:Do u design for a particular age group?
iamISIGO: Well the iamISIGO line concentrates on people between the ages of 16 and 35, needless to say, people above or below the age gap can still patronize the line. 

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