Our random ideas expressed in fabric :)

WE ARE NOT DESIGNERS…although the idea is kinda tempting. My own excuse for making clothes is cuz I hardly find clothes that fit me perfectly. When I shop I always have to take things in here or there. Also being in Nigeria limits you. You have to wait till summer or something when you travel to shop 'properly'. The nice things here are ridiculously priced and the ones that are pocket worthy are as common as the name Tayo. Go out
and some five babes are wearing the same shoes with you or top or something random. So going through website like asos and topshop and the rest and seeing nice stuff we're like 'you know we can actually make something like that'…and so we did. Not exactly designs we saw...but there were a lot of stolen ideas.lol

The colour tends to confuse because it looks yellow in some light. This is a very tricky one because it's so bright. We had Elizabeth (below) give us a more corporate look to it with a little black dress and a blue belt. Amina (above) looks more night-out-ish; with black skinny jeans.

Unlike the gold one, the blue jacket has got a collar. not so bright but is bright. Easy to wear out. Kinda like your typical blazer.

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