Vintage Fashion...Virgos Lounge!

 So we hopped on this train rather late..not like we weren't aware of this collection but i guess we just wanted to make our noise about it when everyone else was One of our first features was on Virgos Lounge (January) and that was when Angela Simmons was spotted out in London wearing a silver VL jumpsuit. Virgos Lounge is a vintage line owned by the 3 Nigerians ladies. Today, we aren't talking to all three of the Virgos Lounge ladies; Fioye, Oyeyemi and Nike...we are just talking to Oye who's representing the group. . :)

FB: So how many years has it been since you ladies started Virgos Lounge and how has the journey been so far? 
Oyeyemi: Its been over two years and the journey has been great! We have achieved a lot more than we initially planned to and we have learnt a lot along the way, still learning everyday! 

FB: The current collection, what inspired it?
Oyeyemi:The Peacock collection is a very dressy one, inspired by the iridescent colours and flamboyance of a peacock.

FB: A lot of people are probably wondering if they can get pieces from the line even if they aren't in the UK.
Oyeyemi:We ship internationally to America, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and so on. Anywhere you are just email us to see if we can deliver to you and we will get back with more information. 

FB: What have been the high and low points for VL?
Oyeyemi:There have been so many high points such as seeing the clothes done and ready for sale, seeing them on people we dont know and Angela Simmons wearing our pieces on two different occasions was amazing! :D. Low points will be rushing to get samples done, mistakes, just general things like that which we all go through in school or at work.

As seen on Angela Simmons

FB: Who are your fashion icons?
Oyeyemi: Solange, Rihanna, Aunt Viv(fresh prince), Princess many more! 

FB: Whats your dream for Virgos Lounge?
Oyeyemi:To have a strong global presence and to be the one stop shop for vintage inspired fashion.

FB: Any plans to launch the line in Nigeria?
Oyeyemi:We definitely plan to launch in Nigeria soon. Hopefully before the year runs out :D

FB: Complete this sentence: i will beat anyone to a pulp for:
Oyeyemi:...playing music off a phone in public...that irks me! If we are talking something fashion related then for wearing head to toe visibly branded items!

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