We are talking to stylist...Aisha Bello!

Aisha Bello

Today's feature is Aisha Bello, a young stylist who is making her mark in the industry. Enjoy :)

FB: What have you worked on, who have u worked with?
Aisha: I worked with renowned stylist; Tayo Shonekan for a couple of months and in that period I got to style shoots for fashion spreads for TW magazine , ad campaigns for GLO ambassadors and with my styling crew BuBaAi (made up of Bubu Ogisi of iamISIGO, Bayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture and I) we styled Mo' cheddar for her album cover and for her album launch performance. Also styled a fashion spread for Y!Naija Magazine,360nobs Fashion post, Zebra living and so on . I've also styled for iamISIGO and Onyx and Pearl for various runway shows for different events.

I've worked with a few other stylists apart from Bayo Oke-Lawal and Bubu Ogisi , I've worked with Terence Sambo and fashion enthusiast Funfere Koroye. Worked with photographers like Obi somto ,Toni tones (she was the model tho,lol) ,Akinlolu Osibanjo, Peter Bello. During all this I had the opportunity of styling amazing people, artists, models ,career people, etc

FB: How long have u been styling for?
Aisha: Well the art of styling is almost an everyday thing for me. I tend to help people get dressed and point them in the right direction in what to wear and how to wear them...So in that sense I've been styling for years now...all through uni that was basic for ME. But professionally I've only been doing it for almost a year.


FB: Whats your definition of Style?
Aisha: The simplest way I can describe style is basically as your true personality. At least that's how it applies to me. Its expressing your inner self in the way you wear your make up, the way you style your hair ,your choice of nail polish, the way combine your outfits e.t.c its everything. So essentially Style is your unique signature...because your true personality should reflect your inner self.

FB: Okay..cool..so whats your style like?
Aisha: I don't have a particular style...I do loooove anything vintage( just cuz its so original and matured),I also love edgy quirky ensembles. 


FB: What do you love the most about styling?
Aisha: What I love the most about styling is how you can make a normally ordinary looking person look so sophisticated. And especially how you can make the impossible possible...in terms of props and all. Style for me is just the height of creativity..art at its most peak.lol.

FB: What fashion item are you really into now?
Aisha: I love all forms of head pieces and I've been doing bows for a bit...I love to change things up a bit...the trend has been turbans for too long..so I decided to do bows...people seem to be liking it and trying it these days.

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