We are loving Bestow Elan!

Erzumah Ackerson
This week's fashion feature is none other than BESTOW ELAN! The designer behind this line for women is Erzumah Ackerson from Ghana.
The designer draws her inspiration from both classic and vintage stimuli, as well as influences from her heritage - which in turn allows her to create garments that are fitting for every occasion, and appeal to individuals from all walks of life. The former London College of fashion student’s experiences within the industry include exhibiting her first collection in central London at Profile 4, assisting Jonathon Saunders, the print designer with his London Fashion Week debut, plus working on Russian label KISA LONDON’s Fashion Week collection.
 BESTOW ELAN has participated in various shows such as KULTURE2COUTURE catwalk show at the V&A, Studio 53, Arise Magazine fashion week, London fashion week to name a few. The label took part in an exclusive showcase held by the legendary La Geneve North at the grand Movida, and received notable reviews and appreciation.
So i had a chat with the lovely Erzumah :)

FB: How did it all start?
Erzumah: Well I studied fashion many years ago, but didn’t actually start creating my own designs until almost a decade later. I woke up one day and said to myself ‘I need to know if this fashion thing could work’. So I test marketed my design at Portobello Market, and to my surprise it was really well received. Went on from there to supplying shops, and the rest is history…

FB: We notice fusions of African prints into some of the pieces. It gives a cultural feel but yet still very modern! How challenging is the process...from designing to when they are finished?
Erzumah: I love print, whether it’s Ankara, Khanga or your own design. I tend to fuse Ankara into my designs because it is still part of my Ghanaian heritage, even though I don’t wear it every day. So it makes sense to incorporate it into my designs in a way that fits into my lifestyle.
As for the processes involved, the designing is never challenging, it’s the part I enjoy the most! I’m a designer and that’s what I love to do. The other processes such as making the pattern, toiling the designs and then making the garment may be time consuming, but are all part of materializing your creation.

FB: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Ozwald Boateng
Erzumah: One of my inspirations is Ozwald Boateng. I love how a self taught Ghanaian designer, against the odds believed in himself and his product enough to establish himself, amongst the big boys of Saville Row and grow his company into a global phenomenon. I think he inspired a lot of female designers to want the equivalent for themselves.

FB: And finally what's your vision for Bestow Elan?
Erzumah: All that Mr Boateng has and more…LOL


  1. I'm hearting all these designs!!

    http://museorigins.blogspot.com (formally The Corner Shop)

  2. Thanks so much for the great post. I'm so glad for more information on Casual clothing.
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