Watch of the week: Femi Arogundade!

Femi Arogundade

We searched high and low for our first male watch of the week and we found him! Femi Arogundade!

He's a student currently studying architecture at Kingston University that has always had a knack for fashion. "From the tender age of 8 i used to throw on blazers with clip on bow ties for parties and i guess i kinda went from there". He spends his time on fashion blogs,online stores and vintage shops trying to source out the next fashion trend. He decided to take things to the next level by launching his first street label called cheeeese which was a little project he had going with one of his best friends . Things didn't work out so he decided to start blogging. "I realized not many blogs showed an  individuals character through their clothes and I had this idea that  you could see or predict a persons personality through their everyday clothes; be it they dress for attention or comfort it all shows and so I started dapper individual..." so far till date he has worked with  PPF a Russian magazine and is currently working on bringing out a new fashion label and collection.

So we had a chat with him :)

FB: Define your style.
Femi: Style wise I've got double personalities.  I've got the dapper individual and the dope kid so it depends solely on what personality i wake up with ...the dapper iindividual  always has a fitted blazer on  complete with pocket square , chinos, and to top it all off a mean set of vintage loafers and a holdall. The dapper individual always wears fitted clothing WHILE  the dope kid can be seen in vintage tshirts and skinny jeans with designer high tops and a snap back . The dope kid dresses for comfort but still tries to exude style in every item of his clothing.

FB: Who in your opinion is the most stylish man?
Femi: The most stylish man in my opinion is Kanye West and I know he is currently being over hyped but I believe he deserves it .Only Kanye could throw on a horus chain and get away with it . I believe kanye breaks the boundaries of style . He pushes the definition on style. He wore a Celine shirt intended for women and was able to pull it off at the Coachella Music Festival and made it an instant fashion essential for the modern man the most stylish man has to be Kanye West.

FB: So what can we always find on you?
Femi: You can always find me with my Vivienne Westwood armoury ring on . I sleep with it on, don't think I've ever taken it off my finger. I'm a huge Vivienne Westwood fan... in love with their rings. My goal before the end of this year is to have all fingers covered in Vivienne Westwood.

FB: Good stuff! So what wouldn't you be caught dead in? 
Femi: I wouldn't be caught dead in poor fitting clothes. I feel  a persons clothing or style  says alot  about their character and first impressions count.

FB: And finally, tell us bout your upcoming line.
Femi: Well the clothing line which I'm currently working on is called Gataro. The collection currently consists of blazers. Its my own personal twist on what the African man should dress like;still going with the dapper look. The clothes are made out of Ankara but then are combined with a vast range of materials and textures like leather, satin , silk, corduroy. I was able to wear one of the blazers to the Music Meets Runway show at Eko Hotel and I was amazed how much positive comments and overall positive energy I was able to get from designers and fashion bloggers. I was even interviewed for some show so I'm blessed to be at this stage so early. I've been getting so much support. I'm glad to be finally getting  my designs out there. The lookbook for the collection is going to be out soon; currently working on that now and  then im  going to have a fashion show to showcase my work and other young talented designers in the UK sometime next year so I guess I can say we're WINNING !!!!

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  1. Lovely interview. I really like his style! He doesn't look like he's trying hard (which is what a lot of guys trying to be dapper end up looking like lol)

    Adiya (formally The Corner Shop)