The Queen...Damilola Agbajor!

Damilola Agbajor

The recently concluded MBGN got everyone talking and we are sure a lot of people are looking forward to see who will be crowned Miss Nigeria 2011. Until then, Damilola Agbajor from Delta State holds the title of Miss Nigeria! She won the title in 2010 when she was 19 years old and is currently using her position to help fight malaria.
We had a chat with her :)

FB: What moved you to take part in the competition?
Damilola: The hype and encouragement from my friends made me decide to be a part
of the competition. The prizes, which were a scholarship into any
institution of higher learning anywhere in the world, a luxury car and a cash prize and the winner even gets to be an ambassador, working with the federal ministry of culture and tourism and the ministry of women's affairs.
I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I didn't participate. Even if I didn't win, I had nothing to loose because Miss Nigeria paid for my flight, accommodation, feeding and even clothing.

FB: What were the challenges you faced while you were in the house?
Damilola: There were lots of challenges in the house, but it wasn't anything that was beyond control. The competition was very intense as everyone was a threat to another so everyone was of their best behaviour. The tasks were quite challenging, as it involved cooking with firewood, even though the weather was against us, we had to get the food ready. I don't really like sports and we always had to do exercises, I found that really challenging especially when we had to do competitions that
had to do with sports.

FB: did it feel like to be crowned Miss Nigeria 2010?
Damilola: It felt really overwhelming and at the same time humbling. I feel
blessed even though I've been saddled with a lot of responsibilities.
I felt like I didn't do anything to deserve it but I was still chosen
as Miss Nigeria. Now that my reign is almost over, I look back really
thankful to God for everything.

FB: How has the experience been so far?
Damilola: My experience as Miss Nigeria hasn't been all a bed of roses. I've been working really hard with the AMFM, an initiative by the global fund to subsidise malaria drugs in Nigeria. I've been working closely with the Federal Ministry of culture and tourism and the Ministry of women's affairs. On the other hand, I've always gotten rewarded for all my hard work, I went on a vacation to hawaii after my first semester exams. I've been opportuned to meet really important people like President Clinton. I've been on talk shows and campaigns for malaria, and I even feel like a life saver! My experience has been priceless, it's definitely one of the most amazing years of my life as I still look forward to wonderful years to come.

FB: Good stuff! What are your plans after you hand over the crown to Miss Nigeria 2011?
Damilola: My immediate plan is to continue pursuing my degree in mass
communication and have my own talk show afterwards. I want to be one
of the best broadcasters there is by God's grace. I'm open to
opportunities that will come along the way but I'll cross that bridge
when I get there.

FB: And finally...your advice to your successor.
Damilola: I'd advise the Miss Nigeria 2011 to be patient and trust the people
she's working with because she has nothing to worry about. She has to
shun the negativity, things won't always go as planned but she should keep pressing forward and be focused. She should also stay away from trouble. With God on her side, she'll make a fabulous queen.


  1. Lovely interview! Very good one

    Adiya (formerly the corner shop)

  2. She's obviously a smart one by her responses. Good job!!!