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For this week's fashion feature we are talking to Bambo Akinropo! He was born in Rochester, New York, a small city that he experienced for about 3 weeks. Then moved to Ibadan, Nigeria. After 11 years spent, he moved to Bronx, New York, Where different cultures merge together and form one. A couple of years pasted, then relocated to a smaller city state, Bloomington, Minnesota where he met his best friend Dennis Som, who was into selling T-Shirts to drifters and his T-shirt line called DriftlineUSA. Bambo was offered a project to add a more sophisticated line called Driftline Collection. With that experience, that helped him branch of to start Collection Fashion House.

"I wanted to start a luxury accessories line for Men and Women, pieces that stands out without screaming look at what I'm wearing."
 In Spring 2011, Bambo launched a Spring/Summer luxurious accessories line for Men and Women called Collection. It's an online shop, website www.collectionchic.com

Also, products carried by independent retailer stores in Minnesota.

For Spring 2012, Bambo Akinropo will launch Luxury Mens casual sneakers and Womens limited edition Shoes/handbags. It will be sold on CollectionChic.com
So we had a chat with him :)

FB: What inspired you to start a clothing line?

Bambo: Honestly, I wasn't too certain about starting Collection Fashion House until the Summer of 2008, While I was in New York City, walking down the 5th Ave. and Madison on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Those two streets are magical when It comes to fashion, It feels like your in another planet. Planet of fashion. My up bringing also inspired me to share my vision of fashion, because my older brother was into fashion heavily and still is till this day. I can say I learn a lot from him about how to be different by what you wear. He made me believe that your first impression is what your wearing.

FB: How would you describe Collection?
Bambo: Collection is a Company that thrives on providing Luxury goods to Men & Women that are confident, bold and edge. People who aren't afraid to stand out effortlessly. 

FB: Who does Collection aim to cater to?
Bambo: Collection is simply aim for people who are dedicated on reaching a Luxury lifestyle, and professional leaders. People who are trying to make a statement without using any words. For example, 9 out of 10 you know who the boss is when they walk in the room.

FB: Have there been challenges so far?
Bambo: Yes, there's always challenges when it comes to being creative. Staying in your element and trying to create something outside the box at the same time is challenging. But when you love what you do, you welcome those challenges with open arms, so you can over come it.

FB: And what have been the high moments of embarking on this venture?
Bambo: My high moment so far is launching Collection Fashion House. There is something that fascinates me about generating an idea out of thin air, that locks in your head. Then you have to find a way to rely it on a sketch book, to get your idea out of your head to see what it looks like written down. After all that, the execution of your idea coming to life as you pictured in your head, is the hardest part, and I'm just extremely happy that I got over those obstacles.

FB: What is the future for Collection?
Bambo: Future of Collection.....If I unfold the list of that question, I could probably write a novel, But to name a few future plans. Opening a Luxury Flagship Store in Nigeria, New York, Geneva, Italy, South Africa etc. Is the future Collection thrives on. Also working on a project called "Tape to Measure". It's a premium tailored suits, for one of a kind fit, more detail coming soon for that project.....

FB: Being based in the US, how would you compare the fashion scene over here?
Bambo: Comparison are somewhat similar, but different by fit. Major cities like NY and Chicago are very trendy, they have a mixture of American private school boy wear with European look to it, without the slim fit. Nigerian style is very trendy European fit, every thing slim cut, from straight slim jeans, to slim button ups or/and a cotton T-shirt, and loaded with accessories to finish up the touch. Me personally I think everywhere outside of US, have a better fit/cut when it comes to apparel.

FB: When you aren't working what else can we find you doing?
Bambo: I love listening to music, so my IPhone is my best friend loaded with thousands of songs and albums. To mention a few, I love Pharrell from the N.E.R.D, you can never know what kind of music is going to bring to the table. I love electro music, it always gets me in a mood for whatever I wanted to do at the moment. And I love listening to my African music like my man Wiz Kid (Bad boy); kid has so much talent that's undeniable. I switch to old school a lot like Fela Kuti, I know I'm way past his time but when music is that good, it doesn't matter. Love playing sports also such as Basketball, Soccer (which I'm not that good at) and love hanging out with Friends. I'm just a day to day kind of guy.

Contact Details -

USA and others

Website - www.collectionchic.com

Nigeria Orders -

Phone no - 08070589225

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