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 For our fashion feature, we are having a short chat with Enye. Enjoy! :)

FB: What made you decide to go into music?
Enye: While growing up , my five sisters and I would always stand around the kitchen while my mom was cooking, and start singing. I believe I was 5years old then, and right there was when I knew I had a passion for singing, and I wanted to pursue it. As time passed, I realized that I didn’t have as much opportunity to learn how to play instruments, as we lived so far from where I could take lessons, so I decided to work solely on my instrument, which is , My Voice.

FB: Describe your genre.
Enye: I would say my genre is Soul, with a little bit of Rhythm &Blues, which sums up to Good Music….=O)

FB: How has the journey been so far and have there been challeges?
Enye: Oh Gosh, The journey has been challenging. When one decides to go into a singing career, it does take a lot of will power, support and relentless passion for singing. So for me, I have had to build my willpower to keep going, I’ve had a couple of setbacks, but all in all, I believe, it is the journey and
trials that make us stronger and make us appreciate it much more, so I wouldn’t give it up for any other thing, at all. Because at the end of day, you have to say this is what makes me happy, and with that, you will work so much harder to be the “Best You Can Be”

FB: Who are your inspirations?
Enye:I grew up listening to a lot of Seal, Tina Turner, Femi Kuti, Lauryn Hill, Sting and Sade. They are all so beautiful and talented in what they do that whenever I turn on a record of theirs, I automatically feel their soul in it, and I hope to have that in any and everything I do.

FB:Any plans to come back to Nigeria to build your career?
Enye: I would love to. Nigeria is where I grew up, to be specific, Festac. I love everything about our music, from the Kutis’ afro beats to the best that MI and Asa, have to offer. We have now established our own music and foundation, that it is so strong and is fluorishing, and to be part of that movement, would be amazing . But time will tell. 

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