Lolu the Artist talks Photography!

For our feature we look at photographer Akinlolu Osinbajo! We had a short chat with him...enjoy :)

FB: How did your love for photography start? 

Lolu Osinbajo: My love for photography started in senior secondary school. I've always been a very visual person, and through a series of events, I discovered photography as a medium that could help me explore this particular quirk of mine. 

FB: What do you look out for when capturing images? 

Lolu Osinbajo: An interesting subject, and the best composition for the shot. The camera does the rest, usually.

FB: Do you have any picture that you could describe as the best picture you've ever taken? 

Lolu Osinbajo: I do have a few pictures that I took that I really love, but I don't have one that trumps the rest(in my opinion). Photographers rarely have a 'best picture ever', even if they have a particular one that's everywhere and has won many awards. Getting amazing images is a continuous process for all photographers.

FB: How far do you plan on going with this? 

Lolu Osinbajo: As far as possible. Which for me would develop into film-making, directing and producing. Basically the next step(s) in my 'visual evolution'. I get bored easily, so naturally, I have to move to the next level

FB:  Every art and trade has its gadgets that are to die for...what is that camera or piece that is a killer?

Lolu Osinbajo: Truthfully, your camera doesn't matter as much as your ability to use it. But in terms of 'drool-worthy' photographic equipment, I'll say the Canon 5D mk ll is probably the most coveted camera among photographers right now, from amateurs to full professionals. Also lenses are very important; the 70-200mm f2.8L IS, 50mm f1.8 ll and the 35mm f1.4L are some of the best tools for the job.

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  1. Short, sweet and interesting. Great questions. I'm interested in photography so this was a good read

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