We've been captured by Nemi!


Today we are taking a look at another photographer that knows her craft; Nemi Presca Ariweriokuma! She's a 22year old graduate of psychology from the University of Ghana who describes herself as very energetic, creative and full of life(sounds like our kinda person ;)). She discovered her love for fashion and photos partially whilst she was in the university. "I always had an eye for well taken photos and beautiful striking fashion pieces. During my trip to Kenya, I was an understudy with world class Somalian photographer Emmanuel Jambo and also Kenyan photographer James. This experience reinforced my love for photos and I decided I was ready to pursue the line of photography and become a fashion photographer. When I went back to school in Ghana I learnt so much from Steven Adusei and I am still learning. Currently in Nigeria, the learning process is still on and I hope to achieve more experiences by Gods grace. I am also very grateful and thankful to all photographers, friends who have been of tremendous support."
So we had a chat with her :)

FB: Who have you worked with?

Nemi: Some of the people I have worked with are CANOE magazine Ghana, Berrys Coutoure, JamesLully, Tionni and I am currently a contributor for www.onenigerianboy.com  

FB: Why photography? 

Nemi: My love for photography is deep and indescribable. I express my creativity through photography and its my own form of art. Photography challenges me to create new concepts and diverse shots. It makes me imagine new things everyday. Its also taught me to be a bit more patient and to take criticisms well and I would always be grateful I followed my dreams of becoming a fashion photographer.  

FB: We've asked this before out of curiosity...what's the best picture you have taken?

Nemi: With each photograph I notice improvements. I can’t tag a photo as best because I would love everyday to be an improved version of yesterday. My favorite photo at the moment is one I took at a dinner. I noticed a lot of story in the composition, it was well framed and the lighting was amazing.

FB: If you could pick two people to take a picture of, who would they be?

Nemi: First, I would love to take photos of Genevieve Nnaji because I admire how passionate she is about her career as an actress. She puts in a lot of passion in everything she is involved in and photographing such passion in different role plays/themes would be amazing. The second person I would love to photograph is ASA, I love her originality and fashion sense. I feel she's creative in expressing her talent and considering that I am a fashion photographer, It would be amazing to capture her lovely dress sense.

FB: What else do you do apart from being a photographer?  

Nemi: I work with people in the fashion industry and showcase as a fashion enthusiast on their blogs. I was featured on Bella Naija under the My Style category. My Style gives readers the opportunity to display their fashion sense in different looks. I also work as a style rep for www.onenigerianboy.com, in the form of Abuja Streetstyle.  

Nice! So here are some links showcasing Nemi's features on sites and fashion blogs. - 

http://www.bellanaija.com/2011/07/15/my-style-nemi-presca/  - http://www.eatprayfashion.com/2011/09/icrush-nemi.html?spref=fb http://www.nemineprez.shutterchance.com/ Also follow her on twitter @FashionNeprez XXX


  1. Really insightful answers. She seems like a great person too


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  3. you guys have been gone for a while hope you guys are back full time now, will really love to meet you girls